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Award-winning author, Kim Pritekel is offering a unique service for those who are looking for the perfect gift for someone else or for themselves. With this service, the storyline is all you, after all, it is YOUR STORY. This storyline can be one you’ve wanted to see in print for years and don’t have the time or ability to write or to simply see yourself or anyone else turned into a character in an incredible journey.

Kim has written every genre, both mainstream and lesbian/gay. So, with no holds barred, see your creation in either PDF, MOBI or EPUB!


Using your PayPal account to XenaNut@hotmail.com, choose your plan:

$100 = 50 pages

$65 = 30 pages

$25 = 10 pages


You will be involved in the process every step of the way from title to characters to storyline to story rating: G, PG, R, etc. The only limit is your imagination!

If you do not receive a reply from Kim within 48 hours please email writerkimak@yahoo.com



















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Check out what these former clients of Kim’s had to say about their experience on commissioned work with her.


One of the best gifts I have ever given my wife was a commissioned story by Kim Pritekel! Kim was amazing at listening to everything that I wanted within the story. She made many suggestions that, were not only wonderful ideas, but helped me in making my story a more satisfying adventure. Kim added so much emotion and , in my case, humor that fit us so well. Don't hesitate, create a wonderful story for your loved one today!! They will love you for it! - Terry B.

My experience with Kim is one that I will always hold dear. As an avid reader of her work, I was beyond thrilled when I reached out to her to write a story for me and she agreed. What made the whole encounter even more special is that she allowed me the opportunity to give her a rough outline of what I'd like to be included in her work. It made me feel like I was part of the process, and made the final product have an even greater place in my heart. I can sincerely say that I was happy with the stories Kim created for me and would recommend her to everyone looking to see their imagination put into words. – Wendy Rodriguez

What’s the best birthday present but a personalized story written by one of your favorite authors. Kim took the time to really include all of the small details to make sure my story really represented the kind of story I was looking for. She made me really feel like I had a personal hand in the story by asking me for ideas and opinions on different aspects of the story. It didn’t hurt that she’s an amazing writer and person, whom I got to know better through the whole process. If you’re a fan or simply an avid reader looking for an awesome gift to give away, you should definitely get yours as soon as possible. - Tynia Fantroy

When I found out that Kim offered commissioned stories I was so impressed thinking "how cool is it that an author would put in her own time to do such a personalized piece of literature - something so unique that no one would ever have anything else like it." And then I realized I had the perfect gift for my 15th anniversary with my partner. Trust me - there was no describing the look on her face when she realized we had a story written by one of our favorite authors with the two of us playing the leads in a love story. As usual Kim delivered an excellent novella and gave us an experience, and a tangible item, that we will cherish forever. – Neta Bennett