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APRIL'S FOOL (39 pages)

April has never been able to find the true happiness that was once at her doorstep. By caving to the life choices of her wealthy family, she walked away from the one thing that made her complete. Can she ever hope for a second chance?

MY PROTECTOR (72 pages)

Photographer, Garrett Tillman was out getting shots when she witnessed a horrific murder then helped put the man behind bars. She thought it was over and time to heal when she finds out that, from prison, the murderer has put a hit out on her. Steven Masser, the main detective on the case, sends her to go stay with his ex-wife and teenage daughter to keep her safe. Sparks fly! Now, who will be protecting who?   


Pelican Bay is a brand new series that takes place in fictional Pelican Bay, Massachusetts in Victorian Era New England. It follows the Breiter family with sister, Theodora and her brother, Lonnie and his wife, Kasmira. Follow their lives and forbidden loves as dirty little secrets escape the closet.

Pelican Bay is ONLY $2.50 per episode.

Episode 1: The Wedding 

Episode 2: Gains

Episode 3: Loses

Episode 4: Trouble In Paradise

Episode 5: A Married Woman

Episode 6: A Delicate Condition 

Episode 7: Winds of Change

Episode 8: A Grand Goal

Pelican Bay, Episode 9: Wings of an Angel - CONCLUSION!

(54 pages)

Twenty-one years ago, Marcy Candor ran away from the horror story that was her life.  One too many beatings sent her out into a blinding storm, only to be rescued by a stranger who, without saying a single word, changed her life forever.  Now, she’s returned to her hometown for the first time since that traumatic night to meet her brand new niece, who now resides in the very same bedroom where Marcy had experienced the worst of it all.

Will she once again find that silent hero?



Becky Brunswick is a teenager who has had a rough last few years.  After her parents were killed in a house fire, she was forced to go live with her older brother, the siblings all that was left of the family.  Now, about to graduate high school, she is entering the world of adult love as her long-time boyfriend has asked for her hand in marriage.  More grateful to Landon for seeing her through her painful past than in love with him, she agrees. Now, however she must face the reality that patient Landon would be expecting certain privileges from his wife-to-be.  Nervous and wanting advice, she turns to her brother's best friend Sarah for answers, only to find far more questions that she began with.

BRUISED HEART  (92 pages)
Jory is a self-described selfish bitch who likes her life as it is and has always walked to the beat of her own drum.  At 38, she has an incredibly successful construction company and is remodeling her dream home, even as she enjoys the nocturnal company of a multitude of women. 
Mya was abandoned by her parents through death or prison from a young age, bouncing around from home to home with only the brief love of her grandmother for comfort.  At 15, she fell into h spell of an older man who would all but take her captive in a web of abuse and nearly a fatal beating of his newly-pregnant wife.  The compassion of a policemen on the responding team would change her life as he talked his sister into taking in the badly-beaten and wounded woman. j
Can the bruised heart of Mya fix that of Jory?


BURNIN' FIRES (77 pages)
Nine years after going to prison after getting busted in a huge theft ring for high-end cars, Britt Ripley was the witness the police needed to bust the theft ring wide open, bringing indictments against the entire corporation, including the leader, Carl Mason.  For her honesty and help, Britt is released early from a ten year sentence.  Now, she wants nothing more than to rebuild her life and pursue her passion of building and fixing cars, legally.  Not everyone is so willing to let bygones be bygones.
Madeline Wilkes' simple world as a college professor is rocked, literally, when her parents are almost killed in a car bomb.  Her gut tells her the blast was more than simply a random act of violence.  Her gut tells her it's revenge.  Finding out Britt is out of prison on parole, she hunts her down, angry and convinced it's all Britt's fault that her family is being targeted.  Can the two put their past aside long enough to get to the bottom of what's happening, or will they get burned?


DYING FOR YOU (46 pages)

Randi is co-founder of a paranormal investigation group, and has always felt like she was searching for something in her life that, perhaps, she might find on a good ghost hunt.  Truer words were never spoken.
Rory is the daughter of an old, English family, and is literally sick and tired of the odd happenings while she tries to renovate a family estate in the US into a B & B.
Can they both find a bit of R&R?


WINGS OF FATE ( 96 pages)

After almost 30 years of friendship, love and support, will they be able to finally be together?


Nicole is raising an 8 year old son after the death of her partner five years before.  Imagine her shock at her son's new teacher.


WHERE ONE ENDS...  (55 pages)

Dr. Rachel Henderson is thrilled when her 12 year old emotionally troubled daughter, Courtney finds a friend in 13 year old Mina Culvertson, who has had to be an adult and champion for her dying mother, Tanya.  As the years go by, the two are able to comfort each other, and when Mina grows into a young woman, Rachel begins to question her motives.
A story of questions, tragedy and walking a line of right and wrong.


STEPPING UP  (42 pages)

Jillian Salinger is a popular cheerleader from a wealthy family who finds herself in a most delicate condition to her horror.  A highly unlikely savior steps up to claim responsibility for the pregnancy in order to save Jillian's reputation as well as possibly her life, as Jillian's father is a hard, demanding man, especially with his only child.  AJ Cummings' androgynous good looks win her Jillian's attention.  Can her kindness win her heart?


BURNIN' RUBBER  (50 pages)

Madeline Wilkes is a typical college student out for a late night food run for her study group.  A bad day turns into an interesting night when she confronts the dark figure who dare try and steal her license plate.  What she soon realizes is she's just met the greatest passion of her life with a theif.  Too bad Madeline's father is a Captain on the police force. 



Britt Ripley is back after eight years in prison, and she's determined to find Madeline.



Can a promise that two little girls made to each other in friendship lead to love thirty years later?  They'll find out in the playhouse.


The Christian and Grey series

Story 1:

(42 pages)

Grey Rickman is the 17 year old daughter of retired internationally renouned dancers, as well as a brother who is overtaking the European stage with his fellow dancer wife.  Grey doesn't have a dancing bone in her body, but does help her mother with the dance school she owns and runs.

  Christian Scott is a 22 year old prodigy who wows all that see her, though her big chance eludes her, due to many of her own fears and the wall she has put up against anyone and anything.  Until she meets Grey.

An attraction to drive them mad and leave them breathless. 

Story 2:

PLAY IT AGAIN, GREY (60 pages)

Thirteen years after the events of Dance With Me, Grey is an up and coming writer for New York Magazine, and is living happily and quietly as Shane's roommate and continued best friend.  That is, until one day she sees that Christian Scott is starring in a Broadway show.

Story 3:


At 38 years old, Christian is nearing the end of an illustrious career in the dance world.  As it tears her apart, will it tear her and Grey apart?  If it does, can they survive apart?


Story 4:

NEW DANCE  (67 pages)
Can Grey and Christian survive the most trying situation of their lives together? 




Follow Erin and Alex as they find each other, themselves and what life is all about in all of its beautiful accidents. 

Story 1:


Erin  is a gorgeous 19 year old girl who has the world - and women - at her feet.  She falls for the one woman she can't have, both because she belongs to her brother's best friend, Lance, and because Alexandra wants nothing to do with her.

Story 2:

ACCIDENTAL FALL -  (67 pages)

Alex has come back into town, her 3 year old son, Chance in tow.  Trying to pull herself out of four years of hell, she begs Erin and Shawn to give her a job at their successful music store.  Can Erin find it in her heart to help, let alone forgive?



Rebecca Walsh lives in a small town where everyone knows everyone else's business.  Her family is close, but shares that small-town mentality.  Married for six years, Rebecca must forget about the one time she allowed herself to be true to her own desires, and must help her family when an estranged aunt comes back into the picture, terminally ill.  It's a shocking family reunion when a familiar face comes to help, too.







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