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The stories in this section are 100% free and available in PDF for you to download straight from the page.  I do not own Xena, Gabrielle or any other characters involved in the Universal Studios television show.  These stories are written strictly from a fan base perspective for other fans of Xena: Warrior Princess to read.


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A Family Reunion (10 pages)

What happened after the events of A Family Affair: Hope and the Destroyer is dead.  Where do Xena and Gabrielle go from there?


What If  (81 pages)

What if after Gabrielle married Perdicus, Callisto had never killed him, but instead Gabrielle had headed back home with her new husband.  How long before regrets would begin to surface?



Free Uber Stories:

You must RIGHT CLICK on the title and SAVE the .pdf file. Please DO NOT left click and open the file. Thank you.


The Black Pussy Cat

The wealthy and beautiful Ashton King heads to a swanky gentlemen's club to meet with a finance client when she finds far more than she was bargaining for in beautiful and sexy, Pearl, who is far more than she seems. 
The Cross I Bear

Elise McKenna is the teenaged daughter of the town drunk and no stanger to trouble, herself.  She lives next door to the town Preacher and his family, including daughter Magdalene "Maggie" Roberts, who Elise was banned from playing with.  Will Maggie be able to bear her cross in being who she truly is?
Full Moon

When a third woman is brought in to try and "spark some life" into a dying relationship, can it survive?
Sisterly Love

Caison is less-than-thrilled when her father moves in his girlfreind and her daughter, Julia, who couldn't be any different from her if she treid.  But then, opposites do attract...


A tale about a construction owner who reads the journals of a lonely young woman whose house she is contemplating tearing down to make way for a modern development.  The only problem is, the journals belong to a woman whose been dead for more than a hundred years.

Passion's Fool

Fallon has been forced to live her life as the son that her nobelman father needs to protect his lands and titles in Medievel Europe.  A marriage of convenience is forged with another family of weealth and standing, and Fallon and Sarah are forced to be passion's fool.










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